Meet the M.E Team

Mary Jo Vergara  BCom (Hons) Economics, MA (Hons) Economics


Mary Jo joined the M.E Research team following her time at the University of Auckland where she graduated as the top student in the 2016 Economics (Hons) cohort. She recently completed a Master of Arts degree, specialising in Economics, for which she earned first class honours. Mary Jo is also the recipient of the 2017 Faculty of Arts Masters Thesis Scholarship and the Kelliher Charitable Trust Scholarship in Economics on two separate occasions.


Mary Jo is knowledgeable in economic theories pertaining to a range of disciplines including Environmental and Energy Economics, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. She has a particular interest in understanding the practical implications of policies and regulations that are founded upon these theories. Mary Jo also brings strong quantitative skills to M.E, with experience in modelling economic impacts using econometric tools and techniques. Since joining M.E Mary Jo has been involved in the research team’s Resilience projects, including Fuel Supply Security.

Areas of Expertise

Economic Modelling | Optimisation Modelling | Multivariate Statistics | Economic Impact Assessment