Meet the M.E Team

Anamaria Rodriguez  BEcon, PGDipBus


Phone Number+64 9 915 5527


After completing her internship, Anamaria joined the M.E team in the latter part of 2017, bring with her skills in statistical and optimisation modelling and experience with modelling tools such as R and GAMS. Anamaria has a range of analytical capabilities and a solid knowledge of economic theory. To date, she has been part of projects that require data analysis modelling such as Rates Models, Economic Futures Models and interrupted time series analysis.


Anamaria has particular interest in data analysis and economic modelling. During her undergraduate degree she carried out research in environmental, spatial and agricultural fields, enhancing her skills in the creation of econometric models. Her interest in those fields continues.

Areas of Expertise

Economic Modelling | Optimisation Modelling | Multivariate Statistics | Economic Impact Assessment