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Douglas Fairgray PhD


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Douglas has 32 years of consulting and research experience, and established Market Economics Ltd in 2001 after seven years as Managing Director of McDermott Fairgray Group.  He has led over 900 consultancy projects for major commercial and government clients, reporting to corporate and government heads.  He is frequently engaged as an expert witness in the Environment Court, as well as the Environmental Protection Authority, the High Court and Supreme Court. He is a member of the External Reference Group for the University of Auckland School of Environment. Douglas has particular expertise in examining how patterns of business and community activity have effect on the core matters for the RMA and LGA – economic, social and cultural wellbeing, and urban sustainability.  He has been at the forefront of development and application of methodologies to meet the ‘Evidence Base’ requirements of the RMA and LGA, and he has conceptualised and implemented a wide range of models and techniques for commercial and government entities. These capabilities include spatial-interactive models and Geographic Information Systems, and methods for policy analysis, market studies, demographic and community assessment, social impact and economic impact assessment. 


Over the last 15 years, he has had a significant focus on New Zealand’s urban economies, and the important contribution of urban spatial form to community wellbeing and enablement, and sustainability. This has been especially through the (Environment) Court process, with a number of important decisions acknowledging the value of his evidence as an expert in economic geography in relation to community amenity, the nature and significance of effects, the core economic and social processes, and the importance of aggregate and cumulative outcomes in determining long term effects. He has done considerable work in regard to the nature and distribution of benefits and costs (the “who benefits, who pays ?” issue) and the effects of government policies. He also works extensively in the area of core transport infrastructure, and its role in regional and national economic growth. Douglas is a member of the RMLA, an associate of the NZ Institute of Management, and lectures to under-graduate geography classes.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness | Peer Review | Urban Form Assessment | Spatial and Economic Modelling | Urban and Regional Economics | Spatial/Location Analysis | Spatial and Land Use Analysis | Retail Effects Assessment | Social Impact Assessment | Policy Analysis and Advice | Infrastructure Funding and Investment | Local Government Funding | Resource Planning | Resource Management | Strategic Advice | Multi Criteria Analysis | Demographic Analysis | Sectoral Analysis | Specialist Market Analysis | Demand Analysis and Forecasting | Economic Growth Modelling | Application of input-output and other economic models. | Economic Impact Assessment | Supply and Demand Analysis | Cost Benefit Analysis