National Policy Statement - Urban Development Capacity

M.E has been closely involved in research and developing methods to assist councils comply with the NPS-UDC. 

We have assisted Auckland, Queenstown Lakes, Hamilton-Future Proof, Tauranga, Greater Christchurch to prepare their Housing and Business Assessments (HBAs), and our team has contributed in several key workshops, providing advice and ideas to councils, as well as MBIE and MfE. 

To meet the NPS-UDC compliance requirements, we have developed significant new capabilities - to assess housing demand, the feasibility of urban development, GIS-based tools to measure plan-enabled growth capacity, spatial patterns of housing demand, and key ability to pay and dwelling price relationships. In the NPS-UDC feasibility work, we have identified important conceptual and methodological issues with the Policy Statement. These relate to provisions which allow consideration only of currently feasible capacity, despite the 30+ year time frame. We have articulated these concerns throughout the NPS-UDC process including Workshop forums, and have prepared a Discussion Paper to seek comment and response.

Download M.E's Discussion Paper:

M.E NPS-UDC Discussion Paper v2 M.E NPS-UDC Discussion Paper v2 (780 KB)

For queries or comments on M.E's discussion document contact Douglas Fairgray