Some things we do

Spatial and Economic Modelling

M.E holds at its’ core, a deep understanding of the links between economies and economic activity and the spatial land use patterns, social distributions and interactions it generates. We have developed a variety of tools for undertaking economic and social analysis in geographical space. These sophisticated spatial and economic models provide independent evaluations and specific answers for our clients in relation to policy and planning issues and infrastructure funding and investment. In addition, M.E specialises in the design and construction of ad-hoc models to address specific client needs.

These models include;

  • Economic Futures Models
  • Computable General Equilibrium Models
  • Retail Gravity Models
  • Household Retail Demand and Supply Models
  • Freight Flows Optimisation Models
  • Physical Input Output Models
  • Multi Regional Input Output Models
  • Development Contributions and Local Government Funding Models
  • Community Resources Models
  • Major Events Analysers
  • Tourism Demand and Activity Models

These models and processes are typically used by local and central government sector clients to understand the effects of policy decisions and investments in; events, facilities, sectors and infrastructure. Specific details and applications of individual models are described in other ‘things we do’.

Here are some more examples of our recent economic and spatial work:
  • New Zealand Transport Agency (NZ Freight Flows Model – Upper North Island)
  • Auckland Council (Auckland Region Economic Futures Model)
  • Waikato Regional Council (Waikato Region Economic Futures Model)
  • Christchurch Earthquake Rebuild Labour Force, Temporary Housing and Material Requirements Modelling, 2010 - 2012
  • Auckland City Council (Auckland City Community Resources Model)

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