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Supply and Demand Analysis

An understanding of markets (supply and demand) is critical to maximise potential and minimise risk for our clients. M.E has developed a wide range of tools to identify market demand for goods, services and facilities and we specialise in modelling markets in a holistic manner, incorporating demand and supply dynamics and identifying the externalities (positive and negative effects) of growth and development.

  • Demographic Analysis
    M.E helps private and public sector clients understand the fundamental structures of the population. These structures are important because they influence many current and future trends in growth, consumption of goods and services and the demands placed on local and national infrastructure.
  • Segment Analysis
    Behaviour in any market (from retail goods to recreational and tourism opportunities) is governed by demographic factors such as age, sex, life stage and household type. At M.E we specialise in conducting market (supply and demand) analysis at a detailed sectoral level to help explain underlying patterns and trends.
  • Spatial Analysis
    Location is a key driver of market behaviour. M.E are industry leaders in integrating social, demographic and economic data with spatial information to assess demand and the structures established to meet this demand. Spatial-interactive models and GIS are applied to make the link between demand (people, households, businesses) and supply (facilities, infrastructure) on the ground. We have applied these methods widely for the commercial sector (e.g. in retail and service network planning and development) and the public sector (e.g. to locate recreational and sporting facilities such as libraries and swimming pools).
  • Specialist Market Sector Analysis
    M.E has undertaken a range of studies examining the supply and demand arising in specific markets or industry sectors. We identify total supply and demand in any market and assess how specific businesses fit within the total market at a local, regional or national level. Further, our forecasting abilities (growth projections and econometrics) allow us to consider likely future outcomes under a range of scenarios.
Examples of our work:
  • Auckland Council (Auckland Residential Futures Model)
  • UDS Partners (Christchurch Growth Model and Temporary Housing Model)
  • Department of Building and Housing (Adequacy of Auckland’s Residential Land Supply)
  • DTR (National Market Opportunity Assessment)
  • Remarkables Park (Plan Change 34: Remarkables Park Shopping Centre Retail Expansion)
  • Marine Industry Association (New Zealand Recreational Marine Industry – Situation and Prospects)
  • Progressive Enterprises (Retail Effects Assessment – Countdown Tawa)

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